Advertising Agency in India

With a huge Indian population and a growing economy, the advertising industry in India finds interesting opportunities to establish itself and make profits. Soon after independence there came a number of Indian advertising agency which were promoted by the public sector. However, with liberalization, a number of multinationals came into the country to set up offices and preferred agencies of the same origin. pay per install app advertising

Thus, as the Indian economy opened, Indian ad agencies started selling out their equities to foreign agencies to earn great profits. And today, we have multinational agencies with their offices in India, holding the top positions in terms of annual profits. Not just this, the Indian creative talent is also being recognized globally. The multinationals are using the agencies in India, appointed by them, to not only create advertising for the Indian market but also for their international markets, especially Asia. Thus, the opportunities for advertising agency in India are immensely rising.

The ad agencies in India today are not just developing creative ideas for print and TV commercials, but are diversifying in a big way. They are treading newer paths to reach customers. This they are doing by harnessing the power of unconventional media such as ground promotions in malls, events, movies, celebrity endorsements, etc. For example, Lintas has a separate division for rural advertising, called Linterland, and a division for promoting brands in the entertainment sector including movies, music, etc., called Lintertainment.

Thus, a single ad agency today, is providing a plethora of services from content creation, developing the artwork, TVCs, radio jingles, internet advertising, promotion in movies, outdoor advertising, POPs, media planning, public relations services, marketing consultancy services, amongst others.


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