Is it Time to Build a House? A Checklist

Building a house rather than buying a house can help you save a lot of money. There are many who claim to have saved more than a million dollars this way. This may sound very intriguing and you may want to embark on it right away but before you do so, you need to consider: Is it time to build a house?

i) Do you have the necessary funds that you require to build the house? บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Whether it is by way of a sale of a previous house or by way of a Home Construction Loan, whatever may be the case, you need to acquire the funds necessary to build your house prior to commencing construction. Some people are a little queasy about having such a huge sum of money in their accounts. But, you should not start work without it. There are so many construction projects ditched half-way due to lack of funds that were expected while commencing the job. So, be sure of the money before you start work.

ii) Do you have the time necessary to build a house?

Building a small house may take 4- 6 months and a big one would take at least 2 years. A mansion… forget it! Though you might hire a builder or project manager, you also need to co-ordinate a lot of things. So, check whether you have the time necessary for the same.

iii) Do you have the plans ready? Have you got an architects’ approval? What about the landscaping plans?

Once you have all these plans in place, allotted the time and energy for it along with the necessary funds, don’t wait any longer. Yes, it is time to build a house.

Good Luck!


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